Learn the Medha Suktam

A beginner's guide: mantra to Mother Saraswati | taught by Siddhi Shakti

Course description

This set of recordings has eventuated after repeated requests to teach this mantra to others. I hope you will use it as it is intended – as a very simple starting point for your own exploration – a journey of lifetimes.

It is a continuing process of refinement towards a more accurate pronunciation, and to further attune to the power, grace and vibration of the mantra.

Siddhi Shakti
Siddhi Shakti
Intuitive Energy Healer + Sacred Musician + Meditation Facilitator

Blessed with a love and affinity for mantra, I have been initiated by Sri Guru Shakti Durga to transmit Divine energy through sound (nāda shakti) and to facilitate the sacred Vedic ceremony of fire puja.

I have trained with Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Shakti Durga, for many years, opening to the art of healing and transformation through Ignite Your Spirit therapy, sacred music and mantra. I love the expression of joy and freedom through the drum, and the power sacred sound to uplift, inspire and heal the spirit, and awaken the Divine in our hearts.

It is my hope that this course assists your own discovery of the power of mantra and the blessings that ensue from this practice.

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Course Curriculum

Verse 11
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